Led by the past.

HELENA ROSE is an homage to our beautiful mothers: Helen, a seasoned diamond and stone jeweler, and Rose, a curator of antique and vintage jewelry. Their taste for exquisite craftsmanship and evocative symbols emerges in every HR creation.

Lived in the present.

We believe jewelry, like personality, should flow effortlessly through the medley of your day. HELENA ROSE pieces exude a casual sophistication that complements every moment.

Loved by the future.

Our jewelry embodies the spirit of heirloom. Each piece is a handcrafted celebration of personal expression that transcends age today and gains significance as it is passed down.



Meet Sharon

Sharon grew up watching her mother brilliantly craft loose stones into one-of-a-kind pieces. She fell headlong in love with the art, joining the family business and becoming a GIA-certified gemologist. As a lover of fashion and mother of five, Sharon is drawn to softspoken statements that glide gracefully through life, from black-tie evenings to school run mornings.

Meet Orly

To Orly, a curator of vintage and estate jewelry, pieces from another time are more than aesthetic inspiration. They are capsules that span generations, giving us the means to pass our stories to those we love. As a young child, Orly relished days out with her mom curating vintage pieces. Today, her creations bring the spirit, symbolism and craftsmanship she admired to Helena Rose.