The Astrology collection is a whimsical collection of zodiac pendants in solid 14k gold and hand-cut colorful stones. Wear your own sign or the signs of those dear to your heart. Create your own unique zodiac charm necklace using our clip-on bails.

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The Ataraxy collection is inspired by the nostalgia of the 60s and 70s eras and is intended to evoke a state of emotional freedom. The Peace Pendant is a playful take on a universal symbol and represents your personal journey to attaining soul fulfillment and inner peace.

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Discover the charm of our beloved Chunky Initials collection. Inspired by a set of vintage rings, it has become Helena Rose's signature collection.  

Wear your own initials or those of loved ones. Mix and match styles to create your unique look. Spell out meaningful words or names and make a personal statement that's all your own.

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Birds perched on a branch are never afraid of the branch breaking, because their trust is not in the branch but in their own wings. This pendant is a reminder to trust in yourself as well as a symbol of trust, friendship and love.

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Parisian Tokens

This collection was inspired by a serendipitous encounter at a charming Parisian flee market. Drawing upon their shared heritage and connection to French language and culture, Sharon and Orly were drawn to the vintage tokens they discovered. These Pendants pay homage to the captivating allure and timeless style that radiate from the streets of Paris. 

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The serpent is one of the oldest animal symbols and represents a creative life force. It is a symbol of transformation, rebirth and healing. 

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